Think Google Thursday! - Default Text Styling

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Wish you could personalize your emails with a better font or a snazzier color?!  With Gmail, you can!  Default Text is a Gmail lab you can enable to change the default text styling of your newly composed messages.  Follow these easy steps:

First, you must enable this Gmail lab.  To do this, go to your Google Mail > click on the gear in the top right corner > go to Settings > click on Labs tab > search for default text > click the Enable radio button > DON'T FORGET TO SAVE CHANGES!

Now, go back into your Gmail settings (gear > settings) but this time click on the General tab.  Scroll down just a little and you will see that Default text style now appears.  You can format the text in the box and this is how your text will appear in a new email message!  Again, DON'T FORGET TO SCROLL UP OR DOWN AND SAVE YOUR CHANGES!

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