Tech Star: Peggy Still, BMS

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Did someone say trailblazer?! Peggy Still is definitely blazing a GOOGLE TRAIL over at Brenham Middle School! She has looked at just about everything BMS does and is trying to streamline and "Google-ify" the process. The office at BMS has gone totally paperless. All schedules, announcements, rosters, flyers, handouts, and memos are now dropped into a shared Google folder for the staff. Peggy is looking at every committee and meeting process to determine how to make them easier and faster. Discipline Committee forms and observation done in a shared Google spreadsheet.

What's happening in response is that BMS teachers are trying the same things! They're creating shared Google folders for parent info, using Google forms to collect student data, and creating paperless newsletters using Google Docs! Brenham Middle School has definitely GONE GOOGLE thanks to their awesome administrator and this week's BISD Tech Star, Peggy Still!

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Shannon Z said...

Congrats!! You inspire all of us!