Tech Star: Suzette Evans

Suzette Evans, BJH
Innovative, knowledgeable and caring are three words to describe this week's Tech Star, Suzette Evans.  As a math teacher at Brenham Junior High, Mrs. Evans seeks out new and exciting ways to reach her students. This year, her students are creating "Mini Lessons" for each course of study.  They video themselves teaching the lesson and she has created a private YouTube page linked to her website.  If a student does not remember how to work a problem, he can watch the mini lesson!

That in itself is amazing, but it gets better.  Mrs. Evans does not have limitless resources, she is just inventive. When the students were video taping the lessons, she did not have enough white board space.  So, she stuck a piece of white bulletin board paper behind the glass in a hallway trophy case. The students wrote on the glass, like a white board!  Sweet and Simple!!

Mrs. Evans does not have limitless time either.  She is trying out the flipped classroom concept. Instead of making all her own videos, she is using Khan Academy videos..... wait... it gets better..... every student has a Khan account and she is the coach.  As the students work problems on computers or iPads after watching the video, she can monitor their success in the "coaching" window of Khan academy.  This is a FREE resource!

Thank you for using technology in your classroom and leading others to do so, also.