Tech Star: Donna Putnam

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Ms. Putnam
Social Studies Specialist
Many people believe that leaders must "lead by example."  While this is a good model, great leaders also recognize the need to support the innovation of others.  Donna Putnam, Social Studies Department Chair, does both!  She has done a great job moving her department to hands on learning for social studies.  With the evolution of the 2-sided notebook, iPads in the classroom and the addition of Chromebook carts, social studies instruction on the junior high level is undergoing major upgrades.  Students are able to process information as it is learned through games and inquiry. Ms. Putnam also serves as the district Social Studies specialist.  She created SMART notebook files for elementary word walls and distributed them to the elementary social studies teachers.  Ms. Putnam is willing to try new ideas and give the power of learning to students.  Thank you, Ms. Putnam, for leading the way!

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