Think Google Thursday! - Search in Gmail

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I always have good intentions to organize my Gmail mailbox with labels and folders, but the reality is - I just can't keep up!  Thankfully, Google Mail has powerful and effective search capabilities. A search in Google Mail looks in your Inbox, Drafts, labels, and all archived items. It even lets you know if an item in Trash matches your search.

There are two ways to search messages: Search and Search Options.

Click into the Search Mail field at the top of the Google Mail window, enter your search word(s), [optional] select an auto-complete suggestion, and click the Search Mail button. The search looks for subject, sender, recipient(s), and body text, so you can include any of these. Search results are displayed in date order with the most recent at the top. At the bottom of the search results, you'll be notified if items in Trash match your search results, and there will be a link to click to see those items.

Click the "Show search options" arrow to the right of the Search Mail field to show the search options fields.  This will  help you narrow your search, if necessary.

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