Tech Star: Amanda Gurka, KES

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If you asked Amanda Gurka, fourth grade teacher at Krause, if she thinks she should be a Tech Star, she'd probably laugh and say no way.  But don't let that modesty fool you...this lady has been on a roll!  At the beginning of the year, Amanda told me that she wanted to integrate more technology, she just didn't know where to begin.  Since then, her students have written "Twitter-style" book reviews (limited to 140 characters!), created Animoto biographies, performed and recorded classroom plays and even designed movie posters to promote their plays.  And she's just getting warmed up!  Her technology flood gates have opened and I can't wait to see what idea she has next!

If you're trying to come up with classroom ideas, talk to your Instructional Technologist!  We can help!

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