Think Google Thursday! SEARCH Tips

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Have you ever heard someone say "I'll have to YAHOO that" or "Let me BING that?" Probably not. Google is the standard for searching, and if you know a few tricks about how to search efficiently, you can find the answer to anything. Here are a few search tips to get you started.

You do not have to go to if you are a Chrome user. Type your search words right in to the address bar, also known as the OMNIBOX or OMNIBAR and hit Enter/Return.  *

1. Google calculator:
Most people have a calculator on their phone that they can access with a few clicks, but did you know you can type a math problem right in to the search bar and Google will solve it for you?

2. Google dictionary:
Don't know the meaning of a word? Type define:word in the search bar.

3. Google money converter:
Traveling to another country? Type convert dollars to euros or pounds or pesos, etc..

4. Google world clock:
Want to know what time it is some where else in the world? Type time and the name of a city.
(If it's 4:16 pm in Brenham, Texas, it's 9:16 pm in London.)

5. Google weather:
Curious what the weather is in another city? Type in weather and the name of a city.

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