Tech Star! Chris Kenjura

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 Collaboration is the key to success!  Brenham Junior High Social Studies teacher, Chris Kenjura, is doing a remarkable job with collaboration in his classroom.  His lessons revolve around students engaging one another, seeking answers, asking questions, and producing content.  Groups create posters for each section of the current topic of study.  Creativity is the key!  According to Mr. Kenjura, the most unsuspecting students have the most creativity.  Before test day, students travel around the room, like a scavenger hunt, and find crucial information on each poster.  Recently, Mr. Kenjura's department received ten Chromebooks.  He put them to immediate use.  The sense of community and involvement is no accident.  I remember right before school started, Mr. Kenjura put much time and effort in creating a classroom environment that says, "All students are welcome here; we can learn from each other."

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