Guest Post: Kristi Hinze, KES

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Get Students Engaged with PBL

Want your students to be engaged in their learning while also being self-motivated to learn more?  Why not try PBL or Project Based Learning?  Project Based Learning is a comprehensive approach to instruction in which students have a deeper understanding of the concepts being taught.  Where to start you ask?

1. Pick a unit or concept you would be comfortable allowing the students to work collaboratively in groups to support their learning
2. Develop a driving question or problem the students will have to solve.
3. Create a rubric or guideline for the students so they know what is expected of them before getting started.
4. Give them various tools/choices to create their final project.
5. Actively monitor their learning/process.

Interested but still not sure where to start, contact your campus Instructional Technology Specialist or check out for PBL ideas.

Guest Post from Kristi Hinze, Krause Elementary School, 2012 WOW Teacher

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