Tech Star: Laura Lange, BES

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Laura Lange is new to Brenham Elementary School and she brings calmness and quite a bit of expertise with her despite her young years. She definitely understands how to teach 3rd grade math, and she uses technology to help her teach it more effectively. One of the most impressive tools she uses is her wireless slate that allows her to manipulate her SMART Board as she moves about the room monitoring students. Laura is almost finished with her Masters in Curriculum and Instruction and her thesis is on the Flipped Classroom concept. That is her next goal - to secure funding to provide each of her students with a device that they can take home in order to flip her classroom. If you want to know more about the flipped classroom, ask Laura. You can follow her on twitter @LangeMath30. Thank you , Ms. Lange, for being this week's Tech Star!

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