Tech Stars: Andy Hart and Jess Byboth, BHS

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Creativity, hard work, and technology are fully integrated in the Theatre Department at Brenham High School. Mr. Hart and Mrs. Byboth do an amazing job with productions that rival the professional stage. The talent they cultivate in students is incredible and creates long hours for the both of them. Who knew so many of our students could sing infront of a live audience? Beyond the singing, choreography, stage direction, sets, they still find ways to incorporate technology. Not just with lighting, sound, and effects, technology is incorporated into the concept of the production. In their newest endeavor, "Common Misconceptions"written by Mr. Hart, a technology presentation is used to develop the relationship of the characters. Mr. Hart and Mrs. Byboth alway seek out new ways to reach audiences and kids. They are people with special gifts and I am so glad they have shared those gifts with Brenham ISD. Thank you for demonstrating that technology is everywhere.

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