Guest Post: Marty McCoy (AES)

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If you get the chance I would suggest that you attend a TCEA conference! It is energizing because everyone there is running full tilt! Not only is it energizing it is also a picture of what goes on outside of the classroom...a snapshot of what our students will be doing in their everyday lives both at home and in the workplace.

My favorite session was given by teachers from Spring ISD in partnership with the Florida Virtual Schools. They demonstrated how teaching all learners online allows for the customization of learning for all students. They suggested polling students not only at the beginning of a course but also many times throughout the course in order to assess the students' progress as well as to understand what each student needed from them in order to be successful.  

But the biggest bit of information that I took away was helping the students pace themselves through a course. One of the big obstacles to online learning is time management.....hence the use of an agenda!!! Hurray for the agenda! I have started using this tool in my class of 2nd graders to help them know “what’s next”! So far it has been a very big success!!

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