Tech Star: Ardis Kamenicky, KES

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Every time I turn around, Ardis Kamenicky is doing another fabulous techno-rich project with her students!  Her fourth graders at KES are SO lucky to have a teacher who is absolutely fearless and willing to try anything from Internet research to Twitter to digital movie posters to Google presentations.  The fourth grade team at KES is really rocking out and I could not be more proud of where their kids are technologically.  Ardis is a perfect example of a teacher who keeps learning, keeps pushing forward and is always willing to try something new!

Check out Ardis' entry in the TOMS "Ticket to Give" contest. This contest would give Ardis a chance to join TOMS on a Giving Trip. Fifty TOMS fans will be selected through this online contest and will travel with TOMS to join their Giving Partners and help give shoes in the communities they serve.

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