Tech Star: Lori Prewitt, BES

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Not many teachers get as excited about technology as Lori Prewitt - or if they do, they don't show it like Lori does. She recently earned enough Tech Bucks for an iPad and when I took it to her, she started jumping up and down and so did her students! It is truly refreshing to see a teacher and her students so happy. When she found out that she's this week's Tech Star, she did the same thing; she jumped for joy. Lori's enthusiasm is contagious and she is willing to help those around her with technology integration, AND she doesn't mind sharing the cool things she learns in Coffee Break with Technology sessions (and she's been to quite a few!). Lori is a member of the BES Smart Tech Team because she is a technology leader. Her project for "Celebration of Learning" Day at BES includes photos and each of her first graders telling their favorite memory from this year using the web 2.0 tool VoiceThread. What a fun way to end the year!

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