Tech Star: Deb Tackett, BMS

If you want to see a 21st century library in action, go visit Deb Tackett at BMS.  In the midst of construction and relocation and modification of her library space, Deb manages to always stay positive and is constantly looking for ways to incorporate technology into her library.  Her latest trick: use a decibel meter to keep students quiet in their newly shared library space.  GENIUS!  The classes have even started a competition to see who can stay the quietest.  Last year Deb had "March Madness" in her library, using a digital tournament bracket and Google Forms to let students vote on the most loved book at BMS.  The BMS library even has their own Twitter feed!  Check out (and follow!) @bmsreads!  Whether it's creating a QR code scavenger hunt or searching for iPad apps or brainstorming ways to use the Chromebooks, Deb Tackett is determined to keep the library an innovative, warm and friendly place for the students at BMS.


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