WOW Wednesday: Laura Weiss, 2nd Grade Math Teacher at Krause Elementary

Beginning today, we will feature a guest blogger every Wednesday. A WOW! Academy graduate will share a successful lesson idea that we hope you will try!

Laura Weiss
I recently had my math classes utilize the iPad cart we have recently received. The students worked with a partner and used the app, Educreations. We had just studied place value and used the base ten blocks to build and write numbers in standard, expanded, and word form. The students where given a task to teach Mrs. Weiss how to use base ten blocks to build a number, write it in expanded and standard form. The steps they had to complete were to build a 4 digit number using the base ten blocks, take a photo of the blocks, and then work as a team to video themselves teaching me how use the base ten blocks, what each one represents(value), and how they create a 4-digit number. The teams worked together collaboratively to narrate and write at the same time. Then, they shared their lesson with me as well as the class. The students loved being able to "teach their teacher" and this was a great way for me to assess "who got and who didn't." Can't wait to use it again!!