Think Google Thursday: Where did my Apps Page go?

Your Chrome browser may have updated recently with a noticeable difference.  Where did the Apps page go?  In the previous version, a new tab page always displayed the wonderful apps loaded from the Chrome store.  In settings, you may have had that set as your start up page as well.  Chrome now uses an Apps Launcher very similar to the Chrome OS found on Chromebooks.  Look on the upper left of your bookmarks bar and you will see the Apps Launcher.  Can you set that to open automatically?  Of course!  With the Apps page open copy the URL (chrome://apps), go to settings, and enter this URL as your start up or home button page.  When a new tab page is added you will always see the Google search bar and most visited sites listed below it.


  1. thank you so much!!! it's frustrating because I love my apps page and don't want to have to go searching for them when they should just stay where they are.
    sit ubu sit. good dog.


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