WOW Wednesday: Kaleigh Kankel, BMS

Howdy! My name is Kaleigh Kankel, and I’m a fifth-year, fifth grade teacher. My students have been doing some pretty amazing tech savvy assignments this year. For example, my students created a recruit poster to attract people to their colony in the new world. I gave them the option of using Smore or Google Presentation. The results were astounding! The link below will allow you to view and vote for the colony you would like to move to. Our goal is 500 votes, so please help us reach our goal!
After participating in Colonial Day, fifth graders at BMS are quite happy they live in the 21st Century. For Colonial Day, our fifth graders rotated through four stations (20 minutes each). In one station, they learned about colonial games with Mrs. Middleton. Students learned and played games such as “Spoon and Egg Race,” the “Three-Legged Race,” and the “Hoop and Stick Race.” Mrs. Rhodes’ station required the students to write with a quill pen. Students were given a feather and watered down black paint to write the Preamble or the Pledge of Allegiance. Students were also given a cursive chart to try cursive with a quill pen. I think the image below really sums up all the students’ thoughts.
In Mrs. Simmons’ station, the students were overjoyed in learning how to make colonial ice cream in a plastic baggie. Of course, they were allowed to try some. They found out it is not quite like the ice cream today, and it certainly is not Blue Bell. At the last station, the students were glad to transport back to the age of technology. We allowed them to play fun colonial computer games such as “Colonial Million Dollar Challenge,” “Jamestown Online Adventure,” and watch YouTube videos on other Colonial Day celebrations.

Pictures by Karen Rhodes