WOW Wednesday: Lourdes Rosales, KES Bilingual Kindergarten Teacher

Lourdes Rosales
Hi you all! My name is Lourdes Rosales and I teach Bilingual Kindergarten at Krause Elementary. For my first WOW project, I posed a question to my Kindergartners: "Would you like to help me teach? Teach the Pre-K students their colors. They don't know their colors yet, but you do! Can you help me teach them?" I taught the whole group how to take pictures on the iPad. I showed them how to pinch the screen and open wide to get a closer picture. They were paied up and asked to share the iPad and go around the classroom looking for five things that are the color that was assigned to them. The kids had a ball and toward the end of the project, they were taking much better pictures than in the beginning. I could see how the groups interacted, and they were helping each other find the colors and prep an object for the snapshot. What a great way to celebrate their success of learning their colors! I can hardly wait til the next project!


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