WOW Wednesday: Shelby Parker, KES

Hello, my name is Shelby Parker. I am a first grade teacher at Krause Elementary. I will start by saying this has been a very busy year already. My students are learning so much. My students have enjoyed being able to use iPads in class almost daily. They often ask several times a day if we can use them, so I am trying to find more and more ways to incorporate the iPads in my lessons. Recently we have reviewed patterns and started introducing additive patterns. They had to make patterns on the iPads, while labeling and circling the core of their pattern. Once they had mastered that objective, we moved on to additive patterns. I was nervous about this objective, but my students once again surprised me when I handed them the iPad to make their additive patterns. They had to be able to tell me why each pattern they made was an additive pattern. They were also so proud to share their work with each student in the classroom. I am looking forward to using them even more for our next project!!
First Graders making patterns on iPads
Mrs. Parker's 1st Graders like learning additive patterns using iPads.