Tech Stars: 6th Grade Reading Team, BMS

Mollie Grote, Janae Wittner, Megan Fridye, Bethany Sherrard, April Albrech-Allen
Utilization of project based learning, web 2.0 tools and the 4 C's (collaboration, communication, critical thinking, creativity) are just a few of the ways that the 6th grade reading team at Brenham Middle School is knocking it out of the park!  Three of our Brenham ISD WOW Teachers, April Albrecht-Allen, Megan Fridye and Bethany Sherrard, have joined forces with Mollie Grote and Janae Wittner to provide engaging, innovative learning experiences for their students.  By utilizing rubrics, web 2.0 tools (selected by the students!), teamwork and public presentations, these ladies are creating fun, meaningful units for their 6th grade reading classes.  Their latest project, Haunted Texas, started with a chilling driving question that turned into a unit in which students were able to select a haunted site in Texas to research and present.  This team is creative, cohesive and dedicated to instruction that will stimulate creative thinking, foster communication and build a community of learners who are eager to read, research and share their findings.  Way to go, ladies!


  1. Way to go is right! Thank you Mollie Grote, Janae Wittner, Megan Fridye, Bethany Sherrard, and April Albrech-Allen for making reading fun and meaningful for your students!

  2. 6th grade reading IS pretty awesome! :)


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