WOW Wednesday: Bethany Sherrard, BMS

Greetings! My name is Bethany Sherrard and I teach 6th grade reading. To say the kids in my class have enjoyed using the Chromebooks is an understatement. Throughout the year, I slowly incorporated different web tools into my lessons. It totally changed the dynamics of my class. We’ve used a plethora of different web 2.0 tools: Sophia, Socrative, Meograph, Prezi, and Popplet to name just a few. 

About a month ago, I was searching for a fun way to review for an upcoming test. Over the years, I’ve learned that interactive games are the most effective ways to review concepts that have been taught in class. So, I happened to stumble on this website where they were talking about a game based student response system called Kahoot. I immediately went to the website and watched a video and was hooked. 

Teachers can quickly and easily create quizzes, surveys, or polls related to specific topics. It also has a neat feature that allows you to embed videos and images. Then once you have the quiz created, you launch Kahoot on your screen in the front of the room. Students use a chromebook, phone, or iPad to join the game. There is no need for them to sign up. They simply go to the website and enter the pin number for the quiz.

Middle school kids are highly competitive and the students loved the fact that after every question it shows a leaderboard with the top scores. My favorite part about the game was the formative assessment built in that allows you to quickly and easily assess what aspects your students are still having trouble with. Quizzes can also be shared with other educators. I also plan to have the kids make up quizzes for different concepts. They will have a greater understanding of the content by thinking of wrong answers as well as the correct ones.