WOW Wednesday - Megan Fridye, BMS

Hi! My name is Megan Fridye. I teach 6th grade reading at Brenham Middle School. My students definitely enjoy working on the Chromebooks regularly. We recently completed our unit over propaganda techniques. The five techniques we studied included: bandwagon, testimonial, sentimental appeal, false authority, and name-calling. We spent time viewing television commercials and magazine advertisements to grasp these techniques. At the conclusion of our propaganda unit students completed a project that we sloganed, “A new use for an old tool.” Students paired up with a partner, drew an everyday office supply item (tape dispenser, hole punch, timer, ruler, glue, etc.) and the propaganda technique they were responsible for. Then students were to give that everyday object a new magical use and create a magazine/newspaper ad to promote it. Their ad needed to include the product’s name, a slogan, a picture of the product and be sure their propaganda technique was used appropriately in the ad. Students were allowed to create the advertisement using Google presentation or Google draw. Here are a few examples of the finished product. It was neat to see the creativity of what my students could come up with!!!


  1. The Hole Jet came back in a search for Business Motivation Models. Go figure.
    I think the THJ is one of the best things I have stumbled across in years. I would pay to see the chump & dump in action.
    True serendipity :o)


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