Mobile Device Monday: Consumption vs. Creation

Consumption or Creation?
Today we begin a new series called Mobile Device Monday. We will offer tips, resources and ideas to help you get the most out of your mobile device in the classroom. 

The iPad is an intuitive learning tool; children do not have to be taught how to use one. As teachers, we do, though, need to guide students so that they get the most out of the iPad. Often students ask, "Can I play on the iPad?" As long as they are learning, its great that they consider it play! However, if students spend all their time on the iPad playing games requiring little thought, then the iPad is just an expensive babysitter or what has become known as a "shut up device." To avoid this, think about how your students use the iPad - is it for consumption or creation? Are your students creating stories, videos, art, etc. or are they playing games? If you need some help to move your students from consuming to creating, please talk with your Instructional Technology Specialist.