Tech Stars: Erin Logan and Alison Vanek - AES

The Alton Library is a busy place! When students go to check out books, they are offered a lot of fun options in addition to books! Puzzles, SMART Board activities, eBooks, fun pages and more are just some of the activities that students rotate through during their library time. Mrs. Logan and her wonderful assistant, Mrs. Vanek, have started teaching students basic research skills using Britannica Online. They are beginning their March Madness Tournament of Books in conjunction with the Book Fair this week. Through a Google Form, students can vote for their favorite books. There will be a series of voting opportunities with the winners posted on the bulletin board tournament-style until ultimately, a winning book is selected. What a fun way to encourage students to read!

Mrs. Logan and Mrs. Vanek are always making sure that Alton students have lots of fun while improving their reading skills. Thank you both for working so hard to make library time special at Alton and congratulations for being this week's Tech Stars!