WOW Wednesday, Donna Faykus AES

Hi! I am Donna Faykus from Alton Elementary. I teach third grade reading and language arts. I have to admit that I was reluctant at first to integrate more technology into my lessons. However, the more that I use Chromebooks with my students, the easier it becomes. Instead of looking at technology as something additional to do, I look at it as a tool to help me help my students learn. My students are more focused and engaged when using Chromebooks. They can’t wait to create, collaborate, and communicate with each other while learning at the same time. A few of our favorite activities include using Google Draw as a prewriting tool. The research tool allows students to add great pictures to get their point across. We also use Today’s Meet to discuss what we have learned about stories we are reading. It’s a great way to determine if students are understanding what they have read. What makes it even more fun is when Mr. Ogg joins Today’s Meet with us. He asks the students engaging questions to keep them involved. They are excited that their principal knows what they are learning in class. I am looking forward to continuing to learn more ways to use Chromebooks with my students. The possibilities are endless.