WOW Wednesday: Donna Putnam, BJH

Donna Putnam
Brenham Junior High WOW Teacher
I am Donna Putnam and I teach 8th grade US History. My students love using the chromebooks--everyday when they come to class and ask, “are we using them?” I use a variety of tools to review my students for upcoming tests: Study Stack, Zondle, and KAHOOT. About a month ago, our Instructural Coach, Gayle Lechler, told me about a review game (KAHOOT) that Mrs. Sherrard (BMS) was using. She sent me the information and WOW the students love it. There is a KAHOOT fever spreading throught BISD. It is an awesome interactive review game. The thing I love about it is you can reteach while playing the game.

Also, I use another interactive tool, THINGLINK to present notes and videos to my students. Students take their Unit Tests on their chromebooks and send assignments through Google Drive. This has cut down on our paper usage.

There are many Web 2.0 tools that I hope to incorporate next year.