Tech Star: Donna Faykus, AES

Donna Faykus provides fun opportunities for her 4th graders to become better readers and writers. Recently she has used two different technology applications in creative ways for her students to practice finding the main idea in their passages. Using, she posted questions and had her students respond on their Chromebooks with short answers. What made this activity really fun for the students was that their principal, Mr. Ogg, joined the conversation by adding comments in todaysmeet even though he was not in the room. The kids really liked that part. The other activity used Google Drawing and students created their own graphic organizers to display the main idea along with three supporting facts. Using the Research Tool, they were able to pull in an image to go along with their passage. Having the students create their own graphic organizers required the students to think more deeply and use the 4 C's which made the lesson more meaningful. To read about Donna's reflections on being a WOW! teacher, click here. Thank you, Mrs. Faykus, for always being willing to try new things and for being our Tech Star this week!