WOW Wednesday: Kimberly Wade, BJH

My name is Kimberly Wade and I teach 7th grade AAP Texas History. After attending WOW Academy last summer I was so excited to start utilizing more technology in my classroom. I struggled in the beginning because I know my students are much more knowledgeable about technology than I am and quite frankly, that's a little scary. This year my students have used the set of Chromebooks to do warm up exercises, take quizzes and tests as well as do some project based learning. I have learned this year that sometimes technology can be quite challenging, but I have also learned that my students are my best asset and they love to help in any way they can. My students have created presentations in Google Drive and have also created their own Thinglink projects over the Texas Revolution. We are starting to use Kahoot games to review for tests and quizzes as well as study stack. I have students who created Animoto projects as well as Wordles and google forms. I have learned so much this year and am looking forward to continuing my use of technology in my classroom. I hope that next year I will feel even more confident in my abilities to utilize all of these new resources and can created even more PBL lessons for my students.