WOW Wednesday: Nikki Phillips, KES

My name is Nikki Phillips. I teach 2nd grade Math, Science and Social Studies at Krause Elementary. I have to admit I was a bit nervous about how my first year with Chrome books was going to go with my little kiddos. Just logging into AR can be a struggle for most classes on an elementary school campus at the beginning of the year. I decided that we needed to take it slow and easy. We began with learning how to log into our computers. It was rocky at first but after a time of two we had it down. We spent our free time the first six weeks jut learning how to type. I downloaded a typing app from the chrome store onto each of the computers.

After that first six weeks we have moved on with leaps and bounds. My Second graders now know how to create a new Google doc, type in it and then share it with me. They also (Thanks to Jessica Johnston) know how to create a Google drawing. Last six weeks we made advertisements for our economics fair projects. 

Next year we are going to hit to group running with our chrome books. Never doubt a child's ability when it comes to technology. The possibilities are endless.