Making Connections Monday: Kid President (A.K.A: Robby Novak): @iamkidpresident

Making Connections Monday: Kid President

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Kid President isn't just part of our "Making Connections Monday" series..... he should have his own category called: "Motivation Monday".  Kid President has a series of YouTube videos created by SoulPancake.  SoulPancake is the YouTube channel and website co-created by Rainn Wilson of NBC's The Office.  Continuing the awesomeness through around twenty videos so far, Kid President is constantly motivating educators, teachers, well...... basically all human beings to be more AWESOME every single day!  Robby Novak is now an 11 year old entrepreneur/actor that is constantly trying to motivate and teach others to be natural leaders.  

"Grown ups who dream are the best kinds of grown ups." -Kid President

Some days as educators we have incredibly hard days.  However, it's people like Kid President, and many others that constantly encourage us to keep "Living The Dream".  I think we need the daily reminder that we are valued.  Others do appreciate what we do in our schools, for our students, and the impact we make in our community.  Two years ago after watching one of Kid President's first videos, I decided to carry on his attitude, and to continually encourage others to live life more "Awesome".  I owe a lot of my attitude towards him and countless others.  I wish some days we could all look at life through his eyes.

So, teachers and staff, on this Monday morning if you need some extra motivation, or just a smile on your face, please check out these awesome resources:

Other great videos from SoulPancake:
These truly bring a smile to my face!!!  Happy Monday!


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