Making Connections Monday: Innovators of our generation.

Any place you look on Twitter you will see countless blogs and articles about the integration of technology into science/math curriculum and programs.  Some of our most famous 21st century innovators got their start in STEM programs.  Innovation is happening daily in our schools, we are constantly pushing the bounds of technology and taking it places it has never gone before. 

Take a look at the link I provided.  So many of these 35 Innovators Under 35 of 2014 were going through school learning educational strategies for jobs not even yet invented.  We need to continually challenge our students, and prepare them for the future.  Maybe one of our very own BISD students will some day be on this list. 

Also note, from being a father of two awesome girls, that 13 of the names on the innovator list are female.  We need to continue to encourage girls that math, science, and technology programs are not just for the boys.  I wanted to throw this video in because I love the message behind it:


And since we're on the topic of innovators, here is my favorite inventor/innovator:
Dean Kamen

Sometimes even the smallest and youngest of us can show what true innovation looks like.  Take Caine for example.  If you want to be blown away by complete innovation awesomeness, check out Caine's Arcade:

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Join the #cardboardchallenge in your school and start your students on their innovation journey:

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