Making Connections Monday: Remind... Changing Education one text at a time.

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Also, we have another great blog post coming out this Wednesday about Using Remind in a 1:1 Chromebook Classroom.  Stay tuned!

     Every year we look for simpler solutions to remain in better contact with parents.  We used to call from a touch phone at school.  Usually after the first month of school, most of the home phone numbers didn't work.  Then cell phones came along, and changed communication for everyone.  However, a teacher still doesn't have the time to call all the parents and remind them of a field trip, big test, special days, bring money, book fair, no school, etc...  That's where Remind came along.  A safe and reliable way for teachers to text message parents and remind them about what's coming up.  
     With one simple text message you can now reach your parents in a much simpler, and efficient manner.  Also great for contacting your students in the upper grades, using at conferences, contacting All your parents, etc.  I've even seen numerous principals use Remind to stay in contact with their whole staff.  +Michael Ogg  at Alton Elementary in Brenham, TX, uses Remind weekly for reminders, scheduling, cancellations, and positive, encouraging quotes to uplift his staff.  Sign up for an account today, and stay in touch with the ones that depend on you the most.   

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