Making Connections Monday: One of Brenham's Finest... Mr. Benjamin Lewis.

Mr. Benjamin Lewis
Teacher at Brenham Middle School
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Every year I hear students in the elementary schools saying how much they can't wait about heading off to Middle School.  The main topic of discussion is usually focused on the fact that they want to be Mr. Lewis's class.  When I ask why his class, the response is always the same:  "because I've heard he's awesome, funny, and a great teacher!"

Ben Lewis does a great job every year engaging all his students in deep conversations and lessons about would geography and different cultures.  Ben Lewis is constantly improving his teaching practices, attending professional development, gaining great teaching ideas from Twitter, and using awesome technology in his classroom.

Ben uses his Chromebooks all the time to help reinforce his curriculum while also making the learning interactive, creative, and fun!  Never a dull moment in Ben's class.

Here's an excerpt from Ben's Twitter account detailing a little information about himself:

Benjamin Lewis is also a published author.  Check out his new book, "Social Studies" being released December 16, 2014.  He's also having a book release party this Saturday, November, 15, 2014 at B.T Longhorn in Brenham, TX at 7:30 pm.  

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