Making Connections Monday: Google Education On-Air FREE online conference

One of the best ways to make connections in education is to hear from other educators.  Google is giving you an exclusive, FREE opportunity to do this on May 8 & 9.  Here's what the Google for EDU team has to say about this event...

Preparing students for an ever-changing future
How do we prepare students for success when the world around is changing so much and so quickly? That’s what we’ll be discussing at Education on Air, a free online conference on May 8-9, 2015.
We know it’s a busy time of the year, but we hope this event allows you to pause and connect with others who face similar opportunities and challenges. Join the discussion with educators, parents, students, and business leaders.
There’s no need to wait for May 8-9 though. This newsletter includes ideas and resources to inspire your students, connect with new resources, and save time.

We hope to see some BISDwired teachers attend this event and we look forward to hearing about your experience with this amazing opportunity!