Fab Find Friday: Appear.in UPDATES!

New and improved updates from appear.in!  Check them out:
We in appear.in just made it even cooler to talk over video - today we released anew and improved chat in the web version. We hope you will give the new chat a try, because it is SMOOTH!
When someone sends a chat message, you will now see a preview in the bottom right corner: 
When you open the chat, it will slide in from the right, not covering any of the videos: 
Open the chat by pressing Shift+C and close it with ESC. Read more about the chat and other new features on our blog.

We are sure that you have a sweetheart, friend, grandmother, dog or cat that would be very happy if you invited them to talk over video. Why not do it today?
Let us know how you like the new chat, or if you have any other questions or suggestions for improvement. You can always contact us on email or Twitter!
Ingrid & the appear.in team