Via the @BISDwiredTeam: Tom Spall, Brittni Knebel, and Troy Kuhn

What's Up Wednesday: Graphic Organizer Templates in Google Draw

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Awesome Graphic Organizer Templates created in Google Draw.  Awesome folder for your Google Drive containing 17 different pre-made Graphic Organizers!  Thanks to Matt Miller and @DitchThatTxtbk!

Also huge shout-out to Ciane Grossman (@cianeg) for sharing this awesomeness at #TxGoo15 this past weekend over in @newcaneyisd!  Check out Ciane's great #TxGoo15 presentations here: Apps-The Final Frontier in the Elementary Classroom Blastoff: Addons

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  1. Useful tip on graphics template. You did awesome job. I will surely try that and hopefully will not get any problem.
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