Teaching Tip Tuesday: 3 easy techniques for personalized learning #BISDwired #IChooseBrenham

Personalized learning is described by Wikipedia as: 
"the tailoring of pedagogy, curriculum and learning environments by learners or for learners in order to meet their different learning needs and aspirations. Typically technology is used to facilitate personalized learning environments."
Here are 3 easy ways you can tailor your classroom learning environment to meet the needs of your students:

  1. Tiered exit cards - as kids are working in collaborative groups, dispense exit tickets based on what you see and hear.
  2. Station rotations for blended learning - use a combination of digital and print resources to create short assignments.  Start with 3 stations + 1 seat work activity in a 45 minute period … “go slow to go fast.”  Let students choose the 3 stations they want to complete.
  3. Project Based Learning - allow students to create a product to answer a driving question using the tool of their choice.
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