Fab Find Friday: Print LOTS of files all at once from Google Drive with PDF Mergy!

Have you ever had dozens of documents in your Google Drive that you needed to print, but you DREADED clicking on each one to print individually?!  With PDF Mergy, that is a task of the past!  Now you can print multiple documents AT ONCE from Google Drive in just a few easy steps...
  1. First, go to https://pdfmerge.w69b.com/
  2. Then, click on Select files from Google Drive and choose the files you want to print (Note: you may have to click on the blue button to allow PDF Mergy to access your Drive)

  3. Next, click on the blue merge button.  PDF Mergy will take your individual files and combine them into one file to make printing easier!
  4. Last, you can save the file to your computer and print from your system or save to your Google Drive and print from Chrome.
Please note that this will work with Google Docs or PDF files!  If you are merging Google Docs, they will be converted into PDF format when you merge them.  Also, this works best when merging less than 20 files at a time.  If you need to do a larger batch, please consider breaking them into several smaller merges.