Web Tool Wednesday: Are you getting the most out of Blogger?! Let #BISDwired help you!

As part of our Geek Week Connected Educator series, the BISDwired team is focusing on blogging this month!
Sometimes to make valuable, long-lasting connections and impressions, we need more than just 140 characters. How can starting a blog help make you become a more connected educator? How can it make your students become more connected learners? Come share the LOVE of writing and collaboration by becoming a connected blogger.
Check out the presentation below and view the embedded videos on slide 10 for more help. Need some one-on-one assistance? Ask the ITS for your campus! We can help you set up blogs for you, your classroom and your students!


  1. Thanks for the slide show w/videos embedded! I accidentally stood Tom up for the session and I'm so grateful you shared this. Woo-hoo!

  2. YAY! Glad it was useful! Happy blogging! :)


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