Tech Tip Thursday: How do I permanently "save" my emails? #BISDconnect #BISDwired #GAFE

We had a great question a few weeks ago and it may be a question that YOU have too!
How do we save an email forever?
To save an email forever, the best way is to "print" it to Google Drive. Here's how...

A few FAQs to clear up how our BISD Gmail accounts work...
  • Archiving email (down arrow icon) moves it to "All Mail" where it will stay for 180 days per BISD policy.
  • Deleting email (trashcan) moves it to Trash where it will stay for 30 days per Google policy.
  • Even if you move an email to a folder, it will be automatically deleted from your account after 180 days per BISD policy.
  • If you want to permanently save an email, your best bet is to print it to your Google Drive.