Making Connections Monday: Going Google One Day at a Time - guest post by BHS Amanda Dismukes #GAFE

Guest post by Amanda Dismukes, Brenham High School

If you would have told me last year that Google could impact my classroom, I wouldn’t have believed you. I came up with almost every reason why Google was impossible to use in a math classroom. I was of the mindset that our Instructional Technology Specialist forgot that the math classroom was “special” and the ITS should transform Google to meet my needs. I was wrong. What needed to be done was for me, the math teacher, to transform my thinking. I had to stop thinking that Google couldn’t work for my classroom and instead find reasons why Google COULD work for my classroom.

This year I truly feel that I have done just that. In August, I was still head over heels in love with Microsoft Word and couldn’t imagine creating lessons, quizzes, and tests without it. Google and it’s components were the ugly stepchildren that were trying to infringe on my dear, beloved Microsoft Word. Not anymore! Google is where it’s at!

Google is a must and technology is a necessity in the classroom. I am able to teach, communicate, and collaborate with my homebound students with ease. I have a student undergoing rehab at TIRR in Houston and I am able to teach him, communicate with his parents, my ITS, and my principal without the overwhelming feeling of integral information being lost or left out.

I have faced my fear, not only with Google, but with technology in general. I was anti-technology for so long and I am so motivated, excited, and eager to continue my learning of and with technology. I want to continue this ongoing process so I can help my students improve and keep them engaged in learning. This is critical, not only for understanding advanced math skills and how to use math in the future, but also to learn how to become a well-rounded young adult. Google has helped me with all of these areas and I would have never thought that was possible.


  1. This is Awesome!
    Any examples that I could show the math teachers at my school! :-)


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