Tech Tip Thursday: GIF-ing Made EASY!

GIF-ing Made EASY!

So who want's to learn how to make an animated GIF?

Yes!  That's what I thought!  So, let's start out:  What is a GIF?
And, how do you pronounce it:
Now, the debate over how to pronounce GIF will never cease to amaze me. LOL.  Even in our technology department.  Besides the name.... GIF's are really great for quick tutorials, highlighting a new tool, and conveying an emotion (when a simple pic won't be enough.)  

I love using Screencast-O-Matic (Paid version is $15 dollars for the whole year).  The Chrome extension, SnagIt, is great for creating GIF's too.  

Want some more AWESOME ideas and information on how to create a GIF?  Check out +Kirby Fowler's amazing blog HERE!  Also follow her on twitter @edtech_savvy!