Web Tool Wednesday - Team Mode Kahoot

By now, most of you have used Kahoot so much, you are to the point you have started using other web resources like Quizziz.  However, Kahoot has released a new team mode that you might want to check out. 

While the new team mode was designed for students who are sharing devices, the team mode is also a good way to promote collaboration and a little less competition in your review activities.
So how does it work? It's simple. 
Students are arranged into teams, and when you start a new game, choose "team mode".  Students then must enter a team name and a list of the team members.
You'll notice once the game starts, that a nice feature in team mode is that students are given time  to discuss their answer choices before they are allowed to submit a response. This feature, called team talk, appears on the screen counting down the time until they are allowed to answer.  So as you are preparing for STAAR or any other tests, give Kahoot's Team Mode a try for a new way to review.