Fab Find Friday: Transferring your data from one account to another.

Transferring your Google data from one account to another

Google Takeout is a FREE export service originally intended to simply give a zip file backup of data associated with a Google account.  This means that Takeout creates an archive of many different file types which are destined to land on a hard drive and end a user's Google experience.
  • So, this could mean Google docs now become .doc files on a computer, Sheets automatically convert to Excel, and Slides as Powerpoint (if that user has those programs).  It also means that a teacher or student email will become a .mbox file (which needs to be reuploaded into another mail client in order to be read).  Contacts will be .vcf and so on.  Reasons why this is not ideal:
    1. Google Takeout does not export "Shared with me" files.  That means if a teacher creates or shares any file with a student or other teacher, Google Takeout will not include it in your export.  For our student users, this has represented 62% of their Google Drive.  
    2. Using Takeout means your work is now subject to the safety of your hard drive.  If it crashes, the information is gone.  
    3. A lot of people don't know what to do with an .mbox file and even if they replied it into another mail client like Outlook or Google (which will be their preferred choice most likely anyway), using Takeout can lose folder organization and labeling.  
    4. Takeout can be time-consuming.
Why GradGopher is much better and much different than Google Takeout for any data movement from a Google cloud:
  • Our service takes one minute to set up.  Once a copy begins, a user can close their browser and shut down the computer and the copy will still run.  They can also go in and out of the accounts, still using the data while the copy runs.  (They will actually be able to see the information populate!)
  • GradGopher copies the entire Google Drive (Shared & Owned files), Gmail emails (w/attachments), Contacts, and Calendar event directly into that person's second Google account (whether it be personal or a new school account).
    • We also create convenient subfolders for Mail and Drive so that all organization and labeling is kept while also not interrupting what you have in your second account!
    • Copying directly into another Google account allows a user to continue their Google experience and accessibility is a quick and safe way.  No worry about hard drives crashing, no loss of organization, it's a fluid transition.  
  • Having your info back on another Google cloud also means you can access it from any device that has an internet connection!  
  • GradGopher does not download, it only copies information to move to your second Google account.  That means the first account will not lose the information in the process either!
  • We've tailored the software to alleviate all headaches with this process because once teachers and students begin to step towards saving their data they are often confronted with an uphill battle of jargon, monitoring, and hard work.  We'll hopefully make their transition 1000x smoother! 
Here a 5 minute video if you want to see how the entire process works/looks:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4vAwROnOVcc

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