Making Connections Monday: Meet our 2015-2016 BISD Campus Teachers of the Year! #IChooseBrenham

Alton Elementary School, Tacy Brumwell
One may look no further than Mrs. Tacy Brumwell for a true example of a great Brenham ISD teacher. Caring, dedicated, engaging, and motivating are just a few of the many words that describe Tacy’s personality and teaching style. Yet, overall, it is her love that shines like a beacon. Her love for the profession, her love for Alton, the love for her team, and most of all, the love for her students. God has blessed Brenham ISD and Alton with a truly gifted teacher and friend.

Brenham Elementary School, Pam Grantham
Every child deserves a champion – a person who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection and insists that they become the best that they can possibly be. Mrs. Grantham is our champion. She believes all children deserve her best efforts at all times. Mrs. Grantham only accepts the best from her kids and she expects them to get better every day. The faculty, staff, students, and parents at Brenham Elementary School are proud to call Mrs. Grantham our Teacher of the Year.

Krause Elementary School, Tamra Dettling
Mrs. Dettling has a true passion for this calling of teaching and she exudes a love for being the educational guide in her kindergarten classroom of 20 eager 5 year olds. Her goal as an educator is to inspire and motivate students to want to learn, to respect themselves and others, and to create a classroom environment in which every student feels comfortable while having fun learning. Mrs. Dettling is a life long learner, always looking for ways to improve her classroom and the education her students receive. More importantly, she is a nurturer, showing a certain radiance about her that lets kids know she is excited to be at school every day helping kids grow emotionally, academically, spiritually, and behaviorally. 

Brenham Middle School, Sharon Michalak
“Teachers who love teaching, teach students to love learning”, and Brenham Middle School’s Teacher of the Year, Sharon Michalak’s passion is teaching. Sharon is a graduate of Brenham High School, and has been a staple in BISD for 23 years. She has dedicated her career to this community, and continually strives to be the best educator possible. She is constantly looking for new and innovative strategies to incorporate into her classroom. Not only is Mrs. Michalak pushing her students to become better mathematicians, but she strives to teach the whole child, wanting each of them to be a better student and a better citizen. 

Brenham Junior High School, Christopher Robertson
Chris Robertson takes History and brings it alive for our students! He is an inspiration to our students and staff as his passion for History exudes throughout our school. Chris is extraordinarily gifted in incorporating technology into his lessons to bring them alive for his students. Chris is a dynamic, engaging, wonderful teacher who places our students in the center of everything that occurs in his classroom. It is truly an honor to have him be a part of our team at Brenham Junior High!

Brenham High School, Trenton Hall
Brenham High School is proud to honor Trenton Hall as their 2015-2016 teacher of the year. Coach Hall has been instrumental in the creation of Computer Science at BHS. Under his leadership, this year's Computer Science UIL Academic team has reached the height of second place in regional competition. His classes have been a path setter in developing a robotic hand for a Brenham child. We anticipate many more exciting projects and growth in his classes.

Brenham Alternative School, Kathy Voshalike
Kathy Voshalike is an exceptional educator that goes above and beyond for the students in PRIDE Academy. Mrs. V, as she is referred to by students, is willing to do whatever it takes to get the students to graduate. She comes early, stays late and even works through her lunch if she is needed. Here is a teacher that truly has PRIDE for PRIDE Academy.