Fab Find Friday: Google Classroom Parent Update

Google just released some updates to Google Classroom. One of these updates included an email to parents with a summary of student work, class updates, and what is happening in the classroom.

Here's how the parents can get emails-

 1. Under students, on the left side, teachers should make sure they turn on the "include in this class" for parents to receive emails. Then click "invite guardian" by the student name.

2. On the line, type in the parent email and click invite.

3. Now, the parent will see an email (like the one below) that asks them to accept that they are the parent or guardian of this particular student. 

4. Now the parent will be directed to a screen where they can decide how often they would like reminders- daily or weekly. Then, they can click on what time they would like to get the information.

*Still have questions? Visit this helpful Google Support page-