Teaching Tip Tuesday: How Did You Set Up Your Classroom?

How Did You Set Up Your Classroom?

This year, specifically, we have many educators from Brenham ISD going from "traditional seating" to "non-traditional/alternative seating".  Many teachers have been redesigning their classrooms to better meet the needs of 21st-century students.  From student-centered work areas and white boards to having classrooms fully vanquished of traditional seating such as desk and/or tables.

 Provided below are examples via various blog post and articles explaining & highlighting the benefits of alternative classroom design.  Many are also quick to point out that you can't just rearrange your classroom every year without a vison or purpose.  Re-imaging your classroom to BEST meet the needs of your student's instruction is the key to having a truly innovated 21st-century classroom.

Here are some of my favorite ideas from my summer reading:

Re-imagine your classroom for student engagement:

Increase student engagement by recreating your classroom space.  

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How do you want your classroom to look in the future?
Think about how your classroom aligns with your curriculum, goals, and objectives.  Last year, video 3 (remake your classroom) really made me rethink the flow, layout, desk arrangement, collaborative space, and technology in my classroom. 

My favorite video: 
(Take the great ideas from this last video and apply as many as possible to your classroom.  Don't think just about a total makeover or the money needed to make changes.... Think about the small things you can do to recreate the student's space.  The best thing about moving from the old Alton to the new building was that we were able to clean out all the old material, books, etc that we didn't use anymore.  Start new now.)

Also, check out this awesome blog post about Brenham ISD's own Lauren Ritter over at Krause Elementary School.  She decided to rethink her classroom last year and re-imagined it for student engagement.