Fab Find Friday - Google Newspaper Archive

A long time ago, in a college not so far, far away, I needed to find archived newspaper articles for research I was conducting.  The internet hadn't taken over the world yet, so this type of research required loading a film strip called microfiche into a machine that looked like an desktop but really was a projection magnifier.

It was a painstaking task to find what you needed for lots of reasons.  

Now of course, it's all just a click away. However, what if you still need those old newspaper articles. 
Luckily, Google has that covered for you with news.google.com/newspapers.   From here you access articles from various newspapers from not only different parts of the world, but also different centuries. 
You or your students only have to enter the topic they are looking for and the results of any newspapers that may have contained that topic will appear just like any normal Google search.  The difference of course is once you select a source, you will see a scanned version of that article. 

If the information they are looking for can't be found there, then use 
news.google.com/news/advancded_news_search to search the entire News Index.