T-TESS Thursday: Improving Your Classroom Culture in Dimension 3.3

Dimension 3.3
The teacher leads a mutually respectful and collaborative class of actively engaged learners.

How as teachers do we accomplish this in the classroom? How do we make sure that ALL students are engaged in relevant and meaningful work? How do we make sure they are collaborating with each other?

Every time you design a lesson, make sure you are saying YES to all three of these statements:

All students are engaged.
The work is meaningful and relevant.
The students are collaborating with each other.

Example: Instead of giving students a list of vocabulary words and having them look up the definitions, make it more engaging and meaningful. From your list of words that you want students to know, have the students pick three words that they are personally unsure about. Have the students research what the vocabulary word means using a resource they want to use. Then have the students find the word used in an article, newspaper, webpage, or magazine. Finally, get in small groups of four, and have each person show the example of how the word was used in a published work. Still in their small groups, have each student teach the group the word that they learned by using pictures or diagrams with Google Drawing, sentences, acting, or applying it to a situation in their real world life. Review all the words with an engaging game of Quizlet, Kahoots, and/or Quizziz.